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Calda House Lairg Wall Art Prints

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About the Image

Calda House, a once magnificent Georgian mansion, graced the eastern shore of Loch Assynt in the Scottish Highlands. Constructed in 1726-27 by Kenneth MacKenzie of Assynt, the mansion aimed to provide comfort rather than defense, a departure from the cold and austere Ardvreck Castle nearby. This grand two-storey house with a double-gabled roof and a garden was a testament to opulence, but its lavishness led the family into debt.

Facing financial struggles, the MacKenzies were compelled to sell Calda House, sparking a fierce conflict with the Earl of Sutherland over control of Assynt. In 1737, loyal MacKenzie supporters took drastic action, setting the mansion ablaze to thwart its use by the Sutherlands. Tragically, the inferno reduced Calda House to ruins, and it was never rebuilt.

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