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Ruthven Barracks 1 Wall Art Prints

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Ruthven Barracks, near Ruthven in Badenoch, Scotland, are the best preserved of the four barracks built in 1719 after the 1715 Jacobite rising.

The site dates back to 1229, when it was originally a castle used by the younger son of King Robert II of Scotland, demolished in 1451 and replaced with a second castle in 1459. This new castle was contested during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms and was severely damaged during the Jacobite rising of 1689. Due to the continuing unrest in this period, it was decided by the British Government to build a series of fortified barracks and Ruthven Barracks were completed in 1721. The barracks could accommodate 120 troops and 28 horses.

Despite its capacity, there were only 12 soldiers to defend the barracks against 200 Jacobites in August 1745, but they successfully held the barracks, killing 2 Jacobites in the process. However, the following year they found themselves facing a much larger body of Jacobites under the command of Prince Charles Edward, which surrounded the barracks and fired cannon shot into it.

Following the Battle of Culloden in 1746, around 3000 Jacobites retreated to Fort Ruthven, but Bonnie Prince Charlie sent them all home, telling them their situation was hopeless. As they departed the Jacobites destroyed the barracks.


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