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Haunted House
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Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store, Middletown, Connecticut. Founded by William Ziegler in 1983 it grew into a place filled with pop culture and collectables, where you could buy anything from Soviet-era hockey jerseys and 50-year-old Playboy magazines to life-size Terminator statues and an amazing selection of bobble heads.

Due to the eclectic selection contained within its mural-covered, VW bug festooned curiosity shop that was once a “dance hall”, you could spend hours browsing and reminiscing and still not see it all.  Outside, the grounds included this haunted house, wrought-iron mountain lion, balancing cars and much much more.

I visited in 2017, shortly after Bill's death, and was sad to hear that the store closed in late 2018. However his children are still holding sales of the hundreds of thousands of items he collected over 35 years and are still discovering long-hidden gems amongst the boxes and containers he left behind.



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