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Keeping Busy During Lockdown
Posted on: 10 January 2021

As I have not been able to visit any new places during lockdown I have been slowly adding photographs from my archive onto the website.

However, in December I received a graphic tablet for my birthday and after using it to edit a few photographs I decided to see how easy it was to use to actually 'draw' on it.

It was a steep learning curve having to 'unlearn' the habits gained through 30+ years of using a mouse and I spent quite a number of hours testing out numerous 'brushes' before finally deciding that a basic pencil one and the smudge tool is pretty much all that's needed.

Freesia Drawing Wall ArtI was surprised how closely it matched the feel of drawing on paper but of course there are a few big advantages; you can build up multiple layers of paint/crayon without worrying about wearing through the paper as well as trying out lots of colours and techniques and reversing them if they don't turn out quite right.

For my first try I decided to pick something 'simple' - one of my favourite flowers, the iris - and discovered that flowers aren't as simple as they look, which is where the ability to build up the image in layers really came in use.

For my second try I chose a freesia (mainly because it's a good shape for a horizontal drawing) and I think I am finally getting to grips with the tablet.

Of course, you never stop learning, so for my third piece I think I am going to try and tackle 'fur' - which I may live to regret!!

You can see the Iris drawing by clicking 'View the Images' below.

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