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Some tips on choosing the best wall art for your home

Wall art draws the eye, pulls together space, and makes your home inviting.

With so many images out there it's hard to know which wall art to choose for your home or office. The first thing to remember is that wall art helps to define the personality of the homeowner and therefore there isn't a right or wrong choice.

Choosing wall art with a defined colour scheme is an inexpensive way, along with pillows and rugs etc., to create or update an overall 'theme' without spending lots of money. The best thing about wall art is that it's an investment you can take with you as you move, and can even grow in value over time.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the one that will be living with the wall art you choose, so if you like it, it doesn't matter if it fits the 'rules'!

Selecting Wall Art by Colour

I'm sure you already know that the colour you choose when painting your walls plays a large part in determining the feel of a room, but this applies to your furnishings and wall art too.

Selecting Wall Art by Size

When selecting wall art, go with a general idea about the size you are looking for in a room. For example, most bathrooms cannot accommodate oversized wall art, just as most living rooms aren’t decorated with minis.

As a general rule:

Selecting Wall Art by Location

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the "heart of the home" and in many cases the most used room of the house, yet it is one of the most forgotten rooms when it comes to artwork. Countertops and spaces above cabinets are a perfect place to display smaller pieces that will complement the space without taking up valuable room. Wall art with funny quotes or prints that make us smile will help to make the mornings easier!

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a retreat, a place for relaxation and the wall art should reflect that. Large scale pieces are best - hung directly over the bed or on the wall opposite - and should be hung at eye level. Choose wall art with soothing colours and tones - landscapes are great for this - and keep the frames minimal, such as a gallery frame or canvas.

The Bathroom

This is another room that often gets neglected with artwork but you can choose pieces that go with the 'vibe'; wall art that is fun and bright work well in powder rooms or bathrooms and help to wake your senses in the mornings, whilst serene and calming pieces placed over a bathtub can help create the right mood when having a long soak after a hard day.

The Living Room

You can feel a lot of pressure here since this is the room most of your guests will see and spend time in. The wall art you choose can help to start a conversation or create a welcoming feel to the space. You can opt for one large-scale piece or a large gallery wall, but art doesn't have to be a piece of print or canvas. There are many online stores that will print your favourite artwork on all sorts of things including pillows, throws and wall tapestries.